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3 Common Jewelry Myths Debunked

3 Common Jewelry Myths Debunked

Most women, if not all, owns, at least some jewelry. It may be a pair of earrings or a bracelet.  From the time you are a little baby you collect jewelry. Despite it being fun it can be an investment.

Despite the fact that many of us are around and own jewelry our whole lives, we don't really know that much about it.  In fact, a lot of what we know about jewelry is just plain wrong.  So we thought we would write about some jewelry myths and why they just aren't true. So without further ado, we'll debunk some of these jewelry myths for you.

3 Common Jewelry Myths Debunked

There are Naturally Different Colors of Gold

You have seen gold in many colors before.  Maybe you never realized or seen gold that came with different colors. The most popular ones are white gold and rose gold.  Others are pink and faint blue as well as yellow.

I'm sorry to say but, those are not pure gold. Pure gold, in its natural form, is slightly reddish yellow in color. However, civilizations have managed to combine gold with other elements to create beautiful variations of gold. For example, white gold is an alloy made from gold and any white colored mineral like manganese and nickel. Most of these colored golds are used for jewelry but you can see them in tons of different uses.

 Common Jewelry Myths Debunked

Diamonds are Immune to Damage

Diamonds are known to be the toughest mineral on the planet. On the Moh's Scale of Hardness, it has the score of 10, which is the highest category on the scale. But, hard as it may be, that doesn't mean that it's indestructible.

Diamonds can be scratched by other diamonds. Also, when you smash two diamonds together, they can break. There are also incidences where diamonds have been broken or cracked after hitting an object such as a wall or a car door.

Diamonds are tough but not indestructible.  So the next time you have intensive activities like grocery shopping, you may want to leave them at home.  

Bite into Gold to Check if it's Legit or Not

You have seen it in old movies.  The old fable of biting into gold to check for its authenticity. Naturally, gold is a soft metal and when bitten into it, you should be able to see your bite marks.

While this may be true, this jewelry myth is a little flawed.  There are also many other types of metal that are soft and malleable if bitten. Lead is a soft mineral as well and if you bite into it, you can also see your bite marks. Lead though is a known toxin.  There are people who have sold gold painted lead before.  So, it's probably best not to bite your gold. 

Be Safe When Buying Jewelry

You jewelry is an important part of your overall look. But, believing every word other people say about jewelry is never wise.  There are countless jewelry myths and stories of scams.  So, before doing any jewelry shopping, make sure you are buying from a reputable jewelry site and do your own research. 

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