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Bespoke Jewelry With Jevelo

Bespoke Jewelry

We get a ton of emails at Love & Pieces from a lot of different people and businesses.  It's tough to keep up with them all and politely respond even if we're not interested.   

The other day though, we got an email from someone at Jevelo introducing us to their Bespoke Jewelry app.  This was a a little different than what we normally see.  I have often been fascinated by drilling metal and jewelry manufcaturing.  I was intrigued and decided to try out the process so we could share it here with our readers.

Jevelo is a  company based out of Finland that offers quite a unique offering.  At Love & Pieces we sell a lot of personalized jewelry but nothing like this.  Jevelo is another level of Bespoke Jewelry that we wanted to share with you. I just love the design possibilities it offers.

The Concept : App Created Bespoke Jewelry

The concept is simple.  With a beautifully designed, easy-to-use, app, Jevelo lets you personalize jewelry pieces with images, pictures and other intricate patterns.  

I was excited to try this myself and see the quality and ease of the process. 

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My Turn For Some Bespoke Jewelry

After speaking with the folks at Jevelo, they directed me to some great tip.  I was able to follow along and it was my turn to create my own pieces.  

bespoke jewelry design app

After downloading the app I decided I would create both a cut-out of our logo and an engraved version of myself and my girls.  

The Process: Make Your Own Bespoke Jewelry

I set aside some time to go through the process and was absolutely amazed at the simplicity.  I imagined that I was going to have to spend considerable time laying out the patterns.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process was.  

The first step is select your photo or image.  This can be done from your camera roll or you can take a photo on the spot.  Once you select your photo or image you are taken directly into the design portion.  

bespoke jewelry designed logo pendant

I say design portion but the simplicity is amazing.  You can select Engraved or Cut-through and the shape of the pendant.  Once you've decided on those elements, you can pick whether you want the engraving in silver or steel.  

bespoke jewelry with picture

The last step is to adjust the contrast to your personal preference.  Because you are converting a photo to a silhouette, you will need to select the amount of shadows you want.  This is actually quite a fun process.  

preview of bespoke jewelry design

Lastly you create the preview and they show you on screen a beautiful 3D rendering that you can actually rotate to see how it will look from multiple angles.  I found myself spinning it for a while just to have fun.  

And that's it.  You can purchase it right there or you can email the link of your personalized bespoke jewelry piece for someone to buy for you.  

The steel pendants are $69 with Free Shipping and the silver pendants are $99 with Free Shipping.  The link above shows Euros but its dollars from the app.

Once I finished it was time to wait for my pieces to arrive.  

My Bespoke Jewelry Pieces Arrived

A couple of weeks later, the pieces were at my door.  I was so excited to open them up.  They came well wrapped in beautiful packaging that shows they were inspected and cared for.  

After gently opening them I removed all the cards and inserts that came with the jewelry.  You can see them in the picture below.  

jevelo bespoke necklace charms

Below is the one I really love.  Its my daughters and I. By the way if you haven't seen their line of kids shoe products please check it out. Anyhow, I made an animated gif so you can really see the 3-D element of the piece.  


animated bespoke pendant

In summary I'm incredibly happy how the pieces came out.  While the logo one wasn't actually a cut out, I suspect that may be because of the size of the lettering.  Overall the experience was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.

In addition to Jevelo you can find a number of personalized jewelry options on Amazon Here.

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