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  • The End of Elephant Jewelry at The Circus
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The End of Elephant Jewelry at The Circus

The End of Elephant Jewelry at The Circus

Ladies And Gentlemen....The Greatest Show on Earth!

The Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus has been a well-known circus in America for 200 years, promoted as the “Greatest Show On Earth”. Just last week, the circus announced the end of their popular performing elephant show. May 1st, 2016 was marked down as the last show for eleven touring elephants. Elephant acts have been a main attraction for the Ringling circus and have often been featured on its ads, souvenirs, and posters. 

After holding its tradition for 145 years, the incredible jeweled elephant act has come to an end as the eleven performing elephants are set to retire. Fled Entertainment, which owns the circus, originally announced in 2015 that it would retire all eleven touring elephants and have them transported to their conservation center by 2018.  However, officials sped up the process realizing that the new structures to house the retiring elephants could be completed sooner than they anticipated.


The End of Elephant Jewelry at The Circus

We Bid Farewell To Elephant Jeweled Costumes

After performing their final show in Rhode Island and Pennsylvania, all eleven elephants were transported south to Florida to join the rest of the Ringling Bros heard of 29 elephants.  Relocating them to the Feld Family’s Ringling Bros Center for Elephant Conservation located in rural Polk County, FL between Tampa and Orlando. Its facility is a 200-acres conservation center dedicated to caring for these endangered animals and is also the home to the largest Asian elephant herd in the Western Hemisphere. 

Going to the Greatest Show on Earth was a treat for me when I was a little girl.  I can remember the acrobats, clowns, dancers and large animals performing incredible, mesmerizing shows and stunts. Of course, the jeweled elephants are easy for me to remember because of their unique balancing acts and shiny elephant jewelry decorations. The elephants were often adorned with huge sparkling head and back saddle cloths in bright, shiny, colors. I will never forget the elephant jewelry piece on their head, which read “Greatest Show On Earth”. Their costumes often reminded me of India’s Japiur elephant traditions, where elephants were adorned with beautiful rugs, clothes, and large elephant jewelry.

What's Next For These Gentle Giants?  

It is bittersweet to think the elephant acts will no longer be a part of this circus many are so fond of. The bad news, we’ll miss them, the good news is the elephants will join an ongoing research program at the conservation center that is currently researching why elephants rarely develop cancer. Interesting to see how this research develops.

All in all, we, elephant lovers, say farewell to these iconic performers as their final curtain has fallen and all Ringling’s 40 circus elephants can be officially declared….retired. 

The End of Elephant Jewelry at The Circus

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