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Chain Earrings Jewelry Trend Report

Chain Earrings Jewelry Trend Report

Chain earrings are our newest obsession!  Chains are not just for necklaces anymore. If you take a walk down Hollywood Boulevard, you’re likely to run into celebrities and fashionistas donning chain earrings. They are rocking the chains – and so will you!

Chain earrings come in all different styles and sizes.  The styles can range from bold to minimalistic. Read about the different types of trending chain earrings below:

Try our Chic Gold Chain-Backed Earrings

Gold Chain Backered Earrings

Meridian Avenue Long Chain Earrings | Meridian Avenue Chain Stud Earrings

We are ecstatic to introduce a new collection of fabulous gold chain-backed earrings from Meridian Avenue [insert link to the earrings]. The front and back of these chain earrings are linked by one strand of gold chain. When worn, it gives the illusion of one continuous loop. We offer these earrings in medium, long, and extra long lengths.

The medium chain will help you achieve a casual, minimalist style. This chain length complements just about any outfit.

Wear the long chains the next time you go salsa dancing with your girlfriends.

It’s long enough to make a statement, but short enough to wear comfortably whilst cha-cha’ing on the dance floor.

Our impressive extra long chains pairs nicely with an evening gown or a dress blouse.

Actress Victoria Justice looks drop-dead gorgeous in a pair of gold chain-backed earrings.

Victoria Justice Chain Backed Earrings
Photo Credit: Teen Vogue


Cuff-to-Earlobe Chain Earrings

Victoria Justice Ear Cuff Chain Jewelry
Photo Credit: Teen Vogue

Here we have again the beautiful and talented Miss Victoria Justice. She plays up her elegant style with a gold earring-cuff chain earring.  With an accessory as edgy as this, you only need one to wear one to make an impactful statement.

To get the full show-stopping effect, we recommend that you pull your hair back. This way, you’ll be sure to draw attention to your striking ear bling.

Long Way Down Chain Earrings

Danielle Fishel Long Chain Earring Trend
Photo Credit: Style Bistro

Former Boy Meets World Superstar, Danielle Fishel, is sporting a stunningly long chain earring.  Like the cuff-to-earlobe earring, you only need to wear one to pull together this exciting asymmetrical look.  

We love the way Danielle is pulling off this look. She is wearing the dramatically long earring on the same side as her side hair braid. The gold and silver metal really stands out against her brunette mane. Wonderfully done, Danielle.

Tassel Chain Earrings

Blake Lively Diamond Chain Earring
Photo Credit: GOTCELEB

Blake Lively looks statuesque in a pair of champagne diamond tassel chain earrings.  The feather-like tassels add excitement to her subdued dress and tightly slicked back hairstyle.  

If you’re looking to play-up any outfit, these are the perfect earrings for you.\

Skinny Trio Chain Earrings

Joan Smalls Chain Earring Jewelry Trend Report
Photo Credit: Style Bistro

Joan Smalls is absolutely rocking the thread-like chain earrings.  If you already have several ear piercings, you have no excuse to skip out on this trend!  The cascading set of chains creates a mesmerizing appearance that is sure to put the va-va-voom back in your groove.

Beaded Dangling Chain Earrings

Lauren Remington Platt Gold Chain Earring Jewelry
Photo Credit: Style Bistro

Lauren Remington Platt shows off her stunning pair of intricate beaded chain earrings. This draping pair of earrings is domineering and eclectic – perfect for date night.

Explore the World of Chains

Chain earrings are trending and they are here to stay for a while. We hope you get a chance to explore this trend and pick out your favorite pair.

Did you miss our last jewelry trend report? Check out our report about bar stud earrings here or browse all of our earrings online here.

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