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Ear Climbers: The Hottest Adornment

The Year of Ear Climbers

Ear adornments are in and body piercings are out. This year is going to be all about the ears. Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lawrence, and Sophia Bush have all been caught sporting the hottest fad in ear fashion: ear climbers.

Traditional earrings are a thing of the past with an array of embellishments adorning the entire lobe. A chic alternative to ear cuffs, ear climbers go all the way up the ear with their sparkly goodness. The tide of ear craze sweeping Hollywood is provoking an itch for rebellion. Whether you are looking to ignite some spark in your outfit or parade your flair, these constellations of bedazzling jewels, forming a silhouette of the ear, is definitely beginning to be a must have.

The traditional ethnic jewelry from India has adapted to become the “It” of the fashion goddesses. From snake vines encrusted with precious gems, to zigzag and studded pearls, ear climbers can be worn as a set or alone. Jack Vertanian may have been the pioneer of this vogue but other designers were quick to catch on, crafting masterpieces to perfection. Check out how your favorite celebrities are sporting this hot trend here.

Celebrities wearing ear climbers

The elegant yet contemporary designs of Pamela Froman from her “Arabesque collection,” steals the show and makes you develop a crush on ear climbers. These chic crescent shaped climbers set with sparkling diamonds in a delicate ring of gold, curve up and around the outer ear for a dramatically flamboyant effect.

Pair them up with an up-do or a classy step cut for a modernizing look worthy of a paparazzi shoot. High-end designers are also in awe of this fashion statement as much as the cool independent ones. As such, another wave of opulence was unleashed by the British jewelry house-Garrard by launching bow shaped diamond encrusted ear climbers.

Ear Climbers Trend Selection

Our Favorite Ear Climbers

Keeping up with the trends, it is high time to update your closet and include more of these deities that will make you stand out from across the room. Here are our favorite ear climbers from our store that are absolute jaw droppers:

Meridian Avenue Ear Climbers

  • Gina Cueto’s “Bridgette” ear climbers, set in rose gold and embellished with cubic zirconium stones, are the perfect combination of sophistication and trendy. Get your game on with this chic piece for a style that is hard to forget. A bling to complement any dress you wear!
  • Melanie Auld “pave bar” ear climbers define a new look for the climbers, throwing tradition to the winds. Set in rose gold, encrusted with tiny stones, marks for jewelry that speaks volumes about the taste of the wearer. We love the straight bar style and so will you.
  • Meridian Avenue’s “chain ear climbers” set in gold, featuring tiny chain links that go up your ear, are absolute must haves. Pair them up with a trendy evening dress for a look that would make certain your ears are the stars of the party.
  • Another brain child of Meridian Avenue is its multi colored ear climbers. Round cut zirconium enveloped by either gold or silver, are surely not to be missed. Rest assured, you will never get enough of these climbers.

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  • Elissa S.
  • Trends

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